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30+ Built-in Projects

Plenty of hands-on, small projects that develop skills in both science and engineering for ages 12+

CubeSat Standard

Design is based on the CubeSat satellite standard. SastoCube is inspired by Nepal’s first satellite, NepaliSat-1

Design for All

Designed not just for the satellite learning community but for hackers, tinkers, makers and DIY enthusiasts

SastoCube Satellite Kit

The evolution of personal computers to handheld devices has been phenomenal. With the advent of small satellites utilizing such technologies, specifically, the CubeSat satellite standard, launching space systems to orbit has never been this exciting. One question though, has always remained; How do we further lower the bar of learning such difficult and extreme systems?

The satellite comes with a complete 1U CubeSat structure with embedded sensors controlled and powered by ARM Cortex processors. Solar panels and an external USB power supply feed the battery to provide all subsystems with enough energy for a last number of experiments. A dedicated sensor board, comprised of all-important sensors, provides the necessary basis for hands-on work sessions for SastoCube.

Communicate and command the satellite wirelessly through a Graphical User Interface (GUI) controlled dedicated ground station. Receive and plot the data to observe, analyze and learn in real-time.



  • Satellite 3D puzzle with blocks
  • Color all parts of satellite
  • DIY, simple satellite assembly
  • No additional tools required
  • Color pencils/ manual included

SastoCube Starter

  • Fully assembled kit
  • Fully programmed
  • Plug and Play ready
  • Access to all libraries
  • Access to video tutorials

SastoCube Adventure

  • Fully disintegrated kit
  • Program all boards on your own
  • Hack your way through
  • Access to all libraries
  • Access to video tutorials

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